Kentwood High School Cheer  
Covington, WA 

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The Kentwood cheerleaders make the top 10 all-around squads in the country through their community service, outstanding school athletic support, spirit raising activities, and academics. Congratulations on being recognized by varsity for the American School Spirit Awards!

2011 American School Spirit Award Winners

Congratulations to all the cheerleading squads who submitted an entry for the American School Spirit Awards. There were so many creative and unique entries this year and it is wonderful to see the enormous amount of spirit raising and community service cheerleading teams have done over the past year. 

For teams to enter the American School Spirit Award, squads had to submit a book to UCA. In their book, they included a letter of recommendation from their principal, athletic director or community leader, show one or two community service projects/charity work events involving the squad, describe two of their most successful spirit raising activities, list their most notable academic awards/honors, and include a couple of interesting facts about their team.

The American School Spirit Award recognizes the top all-around programs in the country. When choosing a winner, UCA looks for teams that exemplify community service, outstanding athletic support, spirit raising activities, and high academic standards.

9th Place
Kentwood High School- Covington, WA
With 52 cheerleaders, the Kentwood Conks are busy throughout the year with their service projects and spirit raising. This school year, they worked with the student body, community and local businesses to gather over 10,000 school supply items. Using funds they generated through assisting at a marathon, the cheerleaders purchased 600 drawstring backpacks, stuffed those bags with the school supply donations, then gave them to Scenic Hill Elementary School. The Conks continue to work with Scenic Hill throughout the year by offering tutoring, homework help, helping with book drives, encouraging students during testing windows, offering teach assistance, and more. They plan to hold a clothing drive for Scenic Hill this year, too. 

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